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Perfect Polish for any Occasion

Winner: Staff voted as “Best Nail Salon” – LA Times

Our expert Nail Technicians, facility and practices will make you feel at ease when you visit us for a nail service. Any concerns you may have regarding your nails, from selecting the perfect nail polish for a special occasion to relieving the pain of an ingrown nail, we will help make your hands and feet look great. We take many precautions to give you peace of mind regarding your health.  All of our tools (nail clippers, cuticle pushers, and nippers) are not only sanitized but also sterilized in a medical autoclave machine. This is the same sterilization method used in dental offices. All other implements such as hand and foot files and buffers are discarded at the end of your service. Our pedicure bowls are thoroughly cleansed, disinfected with an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant, and then rinsed before and after each client. These safety measures are to guarantee your health is at the top of our priority.

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