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How Much Would you Pay to Look Good Forever?

"Longevity" is now a buzzword in the beauty industry, encompassing everything from topical moisturizers to supplements. Beauty companies have been striving to tap into the "anti-aging" market for centuries. It seems that the era of "longevity" in beauty may have arrived, with prices starting at just $99 for a product that targets the notorious "zombie cell" responsible for aging our skin. On the higher end, costs can soar into seven figures, especially if you're seeking a complete age reversal through exotic health spas and exhaustive testing panels.

On the more budget-friendly side, a wave of startups is aiming to make longevity accessible to the masses. Breakthroughs in understanding the aging process have introduced a new lexicon, featuring terms like senoinflammation and senescence in skincare products. Senescence cells, which no longer reproduce and send negative signals to other cells, are likened to "garbage in your house."

Senescence cells have long been known for their role in immune responses, but they're now gaining recognition as a mechanism for aging throughout the body. This revelation has excited the skincare community. Dr. Jennifer Linder, a dermatologist and surgeon, has launched Linder Health, a pandemic-born venture offering medical-grade peels and skincare programs, including a moisturizer that combats oxidation and cellular senescence using a proprietary compound called ChronoGlow, effectively turning off senescent cells. Surprisingly, a third of their customers are men, making it the "first skin longevity treatment."

You can book the ChronoGlow Peel Facial Treatment at The Spa Santé starting in October. Our estheticians are extensively trained to provide you with the latest skincare treatment featuring Dr. Linder's cutting-edge product, Linder Health. Commit to keeping your youthful appearance, and we're here to assist you. We recommend a three-month program for optimal results, including a ChronoGlow Peel Facial with deep cleansing, one of three peels tailored to your skin condition, and a set of four prescribed daily skincare routines for day and night. The professional service without the take-home skincare won't yield the same results, so both are essential. Remember, "Do nothing, get nothing." The first ChronoGlow Peel Facial is $195, and it's suggested to have one per month for the next three months. The four take-home skincare products to combat senescence cost $306 and will last you three months with proper use. Consider, how much is youthful looking skin worth to you?

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