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My favorite skin care set that I have been using daily during the stay-at-home order is the 50X Intensive Multi-Purpose Rejuvenation Skin Formula Kit that includes the Nano Technology Skin Infuser.

In this kit, you receive 6 bottles of concentrated serums to infuse your face with:

1) Collagen

2) Hyaluronic Acid

3) Vitamin C

4) Argan Oil

5) Vitamin A

6) 24K Gold

* Each formula has its own specialty to infuse into your skin

I actually use all of them to counteract what my skin is missing on that particular day. One thing I have noticed, every time I use this infuser my skin looks smooth, firm and pores are minimized. I highly recommend this skin care kit as a temporary solution while facials at the spa are prohibited. You can still maintain a regular skin care regime and as an added bonus, it can be accomplished on you own time in the comfort of your home.

The cost for this set that includes 6 serums and the infuser is $380. If you mention my blog when you call the front desk at 626/586-3488 for curbside pickup or delivery, you will receive 30% off!

Your Beauty Junkie,


Don't forget to check out this video for more information!

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