Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Enhance your Facial Structure

*Flora is an independent contractor and does not accept SpaFinder, Spa Wish and SpaBoom certificates or gift cards.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required for all new semi-permanent makeup services to ensure your appointment. 


Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to put on eyeliner or draw in your eyebrows! You can have this convenience by getting semi-permanent makeup from Flora. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Sundays only. Appointments will require a $100 non-refundable deposit that will go toward the appointment. Client will forfeit their non-refundable deposit for no shows and cancellation less than 48 hours. Please cancel your appointment at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid full charge for the reserved appointment time.

Semi-Permanent Makeup is a form of tattooing designed to enhance facial features such as eyes, eyebrows, lips, and beauty marks. Like body tattoos, pigments are injected into the skin. The only difference is the depth in which the ink is deposited. Semi-permanent makeup uses pigments that are designed to both match and compliment our natural palette. These pigments have all been lab tested and proven to be safe.


There are different reasons that someone might consider makeup tattooing. After years of over-tweezing or waxing, it is not uncommon to find that our brows start to grow back much thinner and sparse due to follicle damage. Conditions such as Alopecia, Hypothyroidism, nutrient deficiency and aging have an effect on hair growth including eyebrows. 

For eyebrow tattooing, multiple hair strokes are added to create depth and dimension. Various shades are used to add dimension to the hair strokes added during the procedure. These techniques separate modern makeup tattooing from the original block treatment in which the artist will draw the outline and fill them in. You’ll find that hair stroke tattooing creates a more defined look that enhances your overall feature by adding more structure.



Originally graduating from Cal State LA with a degree in Graphic Design, Flora's passion for beauty led her to become a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician and certified semi-permanent makeup artist. She has worked in the beauty industry as a skincare specialist for over 20 years and as a semi-permanent makeup artist for over 20 years. Flora is famous for her eyebrow designs with international clients traveling to the US to see her regularly.