Gentle, stress-relieving body wash infused with naturally extracted CBD oil.

 Enjoy the refreshing and relaxing feeling of Promise with our all natural, anti-stress body wash featuring high quality CBD oil. CBD (cannabidiol) has been shown to relieve muscular tension and soreness when applied topically, which makes it a cherished addition to our line of luxury self-care products. The health and wellness properties of CBD oil are well-established and are being embraced by the industry of holistic beauty and wellness. CBD oil maintains the health and appearance of skin by acting as a strong antioxidant in order to protect skin from the aging effects of free radicals. Additionally--unlike other shower gels and body washes--Promise CBD Infused Anti-Stress Body Wash is free of harsh parabens and contains a signature blend of botanical oils, CBD and vitamins to leave your skin feeling supple and nourished.


  • CBD oil acts as a strong antioxidant which targets cellular toxins such as free radicals. Elimination of free radicals from the body greatly reduces the impact of aging, allowing you to maintain more youthful skin long term.
  • Promise CBD upholds the value of CBD oil as a natural relaxant. When applied topically, CBD reduces stress by alleviating muscle tension and generally contributes to total body wellness.
  • Our signature moisturizing complex promotes soft and glowing skin after use. Regular use is recommended to maintain soft skin and gradually reduce the incidence of fine lines.
  • Promise CBD infused products are lightly scented and free of harsh chemical ingredients or irritants, making it safe for sensitive skin and scalp.
  • Healthy skin is hydrated skin! Low-quality, mainstream shower gels can dry your skin causing itching and a dull appearance. Promise CBD is formulated with several high-quality moisturizes to deliver a luxurious softness and refreshing glow to your skin.


Key Ingredients

  • CBD Anti-Stress Secret Formula (1500x)


Suggested Use

Apply a quarter sized dab of Promise CBD Infused Anti-Stress Body Wash to a mesh loofah, washcloth, or directly into your hands. Form a lather and massage over skin. Rinse with warm water. Recommended follow up with Promise CBD Infused Anti-Stress Body Lotion.


About Promise CBD

Promise CBD offers botanically derived and uniquely formulated self-care products to promote relaxation and help you to embrace your natural beauty. Our brand showcases the use of organically isolated CBD oil for stress relief and rejuvenation. Promise CBD’s luxury skin and hair care line is proud to consistently provide high-quality products which serve to support overall health and wellness.