Introducing The Hydrafacial

at TheSpa Santé and Salon

 Our Hydrafacial combines the benefits of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction using specially engineered equipment to extract impurities. Impurities can linger beneath the skin’s surface causing breakouts, pigmentation, and wrinkles. The Hydrafacial significantly reduces these impurities and has a tightening effect on skin that reduces pore size resulting in skin that is visibly transformed with no down time. It looks amazing with no redness as a result of the treatments. Great for all skin types. 

In addition to these significant benefits, the Hydrafacial  provides antioxidants and hydration that help reduce adverse skin conditions and result in smoother, younger appearing skin.  With regular Hydrafacials your skin will not only be exfoliated and resurfaced, but also, hydrated and super clean. The Hydrafacial offers the power of dermabrasion and chemical peel treatments without the discomfort or downtime. Great for problem teen skin, women and men of all ages!

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Hydrafacial Face: $198.00, Hydrafacial Face & Neck: $238.00,

Hydrafacial Face, Neck & Decollete: $258.00

Hydrafacial The Works: Includes all of the above plus Specialty Collagen Mask and the Supersonic Penetrating Machine to improve absorption of Collagen: $298.00

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